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How to Give Full Play to the Excavating Power of the Excavator

Publication Date: 2021-06-10

Economic and practical construction method

The bucket should be full of load

At the beginning, with the power of the bucket to excavate, and then make the bucket teeth to the direction of the excavation, the control lever practical full stroke shallow excavation, can be neatly filled with the bucket.

At the end of the excavation, the action of rapid recovery from the bucket rod is converted to the bucket rod extension. At this time, the sand gathered at the bucket teeth will fall on the inside of the bucket, so as to level off the sand. In this way, the sand can be prevented from falling out through the shaking operation
Choose excavation Angle according to soil condition
According to the soft and hard degree of the soil, the digging Angle of the bucket should be selected. For soft soil, the digging Angle should be increased to carry out deep digging and the excavation should be finished in a short distance
For hard soil, the digging Angle should be reduced to reduce the digging resistance, but for the hard soil that the bucket teeth are difficult to bite, if the digging Angle is increased, it can make the digging very easy
Use excavating power effectively
Generally speaking, the bucket rod is perpendicular to the ground as the benchmark, and then forward 50 and inward 15 between the 65 range of excavation can make the bucket to reach the full shovel, is the most effective method
A position that requires a strong dig
The mining force is mainly to use the traction force of the bucket rod and the digging force of the bucket rod. The maximum digging force is to play when the pin shaft of the bucket rod and the bucket rod cylinder are 90
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