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Real Data | SANY SY245HSIC Wins Reputation by Strength

Publication Date: 2021-09-15

There is such a legend on the river's lake: in 20-ton excavators, can compete with the class of 30 tons, there will be SY245HSIC.


In the field test of earthmoving loading, 10 vehicles were loaded, and the test results were averaged as follows:

The accelerator: 9

Muck truck size: 4.8m*2.4m*1.1m(calculated throw volume is about 12.672m)

Time: about 2 minutes and 10 seconds, 14.44 seconds per bucket on average


The core configuration

Engine the same tonnage engine power maximum

With the largest tonnage through flow kawasaki hydraulic valve

Exclusive custom kawasaki hydraulic pump

It has the advantages of "low noise, high efficiency and high pressure"


Large capacity multistage filtration system

Three stage fuel filter system + double filter element

Nanomaterial filter paper, to achieve deep filtration


The structural parts are durable

Standard with 1.3 square bucket, optional 1.5 square bucket

Increase the loading by 10%

1200 hours of stone excavation

The main structure of the bucket remains intact

Design of reinforced structural parts

Make the vehicle longer service life


Long maintenance cycle

The maintenance time of the first and second filters of fuel oil is 500H

Three filters filter core maintenance time 100H

The replacement cycle of oil discharge filter element maintenance is 1500H

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