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Middle East

Chile - 2 Units FYX180 and FYX200 Water Well Drilling Rig

On December 14, CRUKING exported two units FYX180 and FYX200 Water Well Drilling Rig to Chile. FYX-180 multifunctional crawler well drill is a new,highly-effective,energy-saving, and multifunctional hydraulic drill and it is specialized in drilling well, monitoring well, geothermal


Ethiopia - 1 Unit KW180R Water Well Drilling Rig

On September 30, CRUKING exported one unit KW180R Water Well Drilling Rig to Ethiopia. KW180R multi-function geothermal water well drilling rig is a lightweight, high efficiency, multifunctional drilling rig. KW180 has the characteristics of advanced structure, easy to use, high ef


Indonesia - 1 Unit XCMG Knuckle Boom Crane SQ8ZK3Q

On September 14, CRUKING exported one unit XCMG knuckle boom Crane SQ8ZK3Q to Indonesia. The Main Configurations is as follows: Max Lifting Moment: 16 t.m Max Lifting Capacity: 8000kg Recommend Power Needed At Recommend Oil Flow: 28kW Max Oil Flow of Hydraulic System: 40L/mi Rated


Iraq - 1 Unit CK200 Water Well Drilling Rig

CRUKING shipped one unit of CK200 Water Well Drilling Rig to Iraq on 10th Aug. 2021. CK200 Well Drilling Rig is a full hydraulic system and top drive Deep Well Drilling Rig, it's mainly used to water wells, monitoring well, grouting hole, air conditioner hole(geotherm), coalbed met


Indonesia - 1 Unit XCMG XP163 Road Roller

CRUKING shipped one unit of XCMG XP163 road roller to Indonesia on 5th Aug. 2021. XP163 pneumatic tire roller is the self-propelled static roller, which applies to compacted asphalt pavement, foundation layer, secondary foundation layer, and filling engineering and is the indispen


Philippines - 1 Unit SHACMAN L3000 Cargo Truck

CRUKING shipped one unit of SHACMAN L3000 Cargo Truck to the Philippines on 22nd Jul. 2021. 【configurations】 Full Air Electronic Disc Brakes, Electronic Air suspension rear axle, Lane Change Departure Warning System, 245hp Euro 5 Cummins Engine, 12 Tone GVM.


Thailand - 2 Units XCMG XE60DA Excavator

CRUKING shipped two units of XCMG XE60DA excavator to Thailand on 27th Jun. 2021. XE60DA adopts a good engine excellent in environmental protection and energy-saving. Moreover, it uses a load sensing hydraulic system, able to guarantee operators better controlling of the machine


Asia - 2 Units XCMG XS223JE Single Drum Road Roller

CRUKING shipped two units XCMG XS223JE single drum road roller to Asia on 15th Jun. 2021. 【configurations】 Shangchai Diesel Engine SC8D185.2G2B1 Simple operation Reliable and durable hydraulic system Energy-saving and environmentally friendly power High efficient and reliable v


Algeria - 2 Units XCMG ZL50GN Wheel Loader

CRUKING exported two units of XCMG wheel loader to Algeria on 26th March 2021. The configuration: 1. Rated bucket capacity: 3.0 m³ 2. Rated load: 5000kg 3. Dumping height: 3090mm 4. Engine: 162kw/2200rpm SHANGCHAI SC11CB220G2B1


Guatemala - 3 Units HELI CPCD35 Forklift

CRUKING shipped three units HELI CPCD35 forklift to Guatemala on 19th Mar. 2021. Product Description 1.Powerful engine and transmission system The power and transmission system is composed of excellent components by using advanced manufacturing technology and machine and high-qual


Algeria - 1 Unit XCMG XS143H Road Roller

CRUKING exported one unit XCMG XS143H road roller to Algeria on 15th January 2021. The configuration: 1. Working mass: 14000 kg 2. Static line load: 315 kg/cm 3. Vibration frequency: 28/33 Hz 4. Compaction width: 2130 mm


Algeria - 1 Unit XCMG RP603 Asphalt Concrete Paver

On Jan. 13th, 2021, CRUKING exported one unit XCMG RP603 asphalt concrete paver to Algeria. The configuration: 1. Paving width: 2.5~6.0m 2. Max paving thickness: 300mm 3. Paving speed: 0~14m/min 4. Hopper capacity: 13t


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