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Customer Relationship

Colombia Customer Visted SEM Factory

On December 8, 2023, customers from Colombia came to Shandong to visit the SEM factory. Knowing that the customer was in China and was going to Shandong to visit other products, I invited the customer to go to SEM factory to visit the wheel loader. Because the customer had a tight


Nigeria Customer Visited CRUKING Xiamen Office

On November 23,2023. I went to the airport to pick up the customer to company. After a brief visit, I introduced the company's PPT and product brochure. The customer was very satisfied with the company's scale and discussed the payment method for the final payment. During the commu


Colombia Customer Visited CRUKING Shanghai Head Office

On October 19, 2023, clients from Colombia visited our Shanghai head office. We picked up the clients at train station and had a meeting in our head office. We introduced company information to clients and discussed products that they were interested in. After meeting, we had dinn


Bulgaria Customer Visited CRUKING Shanghai Head Office

On October 11, 2023, clients from Bulgaria visited our Shanghai head office. After short greetings, we came to the meeting room for business details. The conversation started at 11 am. We made a presentation of the brief company introduction, business scope, exporting cases, esp


Ecuador Customer Visited CRUKING Shanghai Head Office

On September 13, 2023. A friend from Ecuador decided to come to China to visit the factory after repeated invitations from old customers and me. Because it was the first time for the client to come to China, we did a lot of homework with them in advance and determined the air ticke


Algeria Customer Visited CRUKING Shanghai Head Office

On August 3, 2023, a client from Algeria visited our company. At 10 am, we picked up client from the hotel and had a meeting in our office. We made a brief introduction of our company and shared our successful cases and other customer visit records. Then we discussed some models


Russia Clients Visited CRUKING Office

On May 4th, 2023, a group of Russian clients visited our company. At 9:40am, we picked them up at the door of their hotel and took them to the company together. When I arrived at the company, I first took the clients on a tour of our facility, introducing the basic situation of th


Indonesia Client Visited CRUKING Office for Crawler Crane SCC2800A

On December 13th, 2019, a client from Indonesia visited our office for Crawler Crane SCC2800A. We talked about the details for a long time and went to the Shanghai Port to Check the Crawler Crane. He was very satisfied with our company during this visiting. After flying back to In


New Zealand Customer Visited CRUKING Office

On 13th November, 2019, the clients from New Zealand visited CRUKING company. We had a meeting at our office to discuss the detailed specification of machines. The clients arranged the deposit the same day. We both believed that there would be more business cooperation.


Chile Clients Visited CRUKING Office

On September 24th, 2019, our old customer from Chile visited our office. We had a friendly talk about business and family. This customer Daniel is very gentle and polite, he has a high reputation to our company, especially ask his translator to find our address, saying to meet a f


Mexico Client Visited CRUKING Office

On 20th, September 2019, a Mexican client visited our office to talk about CAT loader, motor grader as well as some tires. It was the first time he came to our office and Shanghai, he was satisfied with our service and office environment. We took him to visit the famous building


New Zealand Client Visited HELI Factory for Forklift CPCD25

New Zealand clients visited CRUKING office and HELI factory for forklift CPCD25 and special trailers. He is very satisfied with HELI's forklifts. So, he place the order instantly after his visiting.


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