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CRUKING | XGMA XG956N Wheel Loader

Publication Date: 2021-09-23

"Hi guys, I am Henry from CRUKING. 
Our company is a professional exporter of construction machinery with 14 years experience. Today we come to XGMA factory to check all kinds of machines. And I also will give a detailed introduction of my favorite model XG956N to you.
And then let me introduce my favorite model XG956N for you. The rated load of this machine is 5 tons, and compared with other models, this model adopts an FEM optimization design and has passed 0.2 million fatigue test. High-strength structural frame allows it to adapt to long-term uninterrupted operation.
Let me look at the bucket first, the standard bucket capacity is 3 cubic meters. And according to different working conditions, you can choose other types of buckets.
Now let's look at its power system. Here is SDEC D series Engine with a rated power of 162kW. This series engine is jointly designed with AVL and SwRI, and its accessories are selected from world-class brands. Excellent performance makes it popular in the most Chinese machines.
This is hexahedral cab provided with explosion-proof glass, and the operating vision is broad. And the design is very user-friendly, front storing space and rear multi-layer storing space, making it convenient to take and place personal belongings and operate on-board equipment.
Overall, this is a very cost-effective loader. If you are interested in this product, please contact me. This is Henry, see you next time."

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