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Safety Tips When Excavators are Constructed on Soft Ground

Publication Date: 2021-05-26

When the excavator works on soft ground such as marsh and beach, it should first try to use the bucket to see whether the ground can bear the weight of the excavator. If you forget this procedure, there can be serious consequences, unless you're driving an amphibious excavator. Although the excavator is a crawler design and touches the ground with a large area, the event that the excavator falls into the silt and cannot move also happens from time to time! It can be avoided if you just pay attention to it. 

When working on soft ground such as marsh and beach, we should pay attention to these to avoid the excavator being trapped:
1. Try it with a bucket first.
2. Don't stay in the same place for too long.
3. Take more straight lines and fewer turns.

Don't worry if the excavator gets stuck in the mud. Don't try to climb out the same way. You'll only get deeper and deeper. There are many ways to save it:
1. If the machine is not deeply stuck, try hollowing out the two tracks yourself.
2. If the machine still doesn't come out, you have to test how deep the mud is. If it's not very deep, you just dig out all the mud in front of you and make your way slowly towards the shore, towards the hard ground.
3. If the mud was infinitely deep, it would be easy to get out of it by renting some iron plates or roadbed boards and pressing them sideways under the tracks.
Safety Tips When Excavators are Constructed on Soft Ground
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